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How to Euthanize Your Dog at Home

How to Euthanize Your Dog at Home

How to Euthanize Your Dog at Home

Animal Euthanasia is mostly in dogs which are very ill or very aggressive towards people.

In some unfortunate scenarios human medicine for dogs is used for euthanasia also known as mercy killing. Pet owners that have a pet with an incurable disease may want to euthanize their pets. Euthanasia can be expensive when done with a Vet which is why some pet owners decide to do it on their own.


Dog Euthanasia Medicines

Here are some of the medications used for Euthanasia for dogs at home:

Benadryl is also known as an antihistamine and has sedative properties. It is typically used as a sleeping aid for humans over the counter, but is also used to euthanize dogs by veterinarians.

Tylenol PM
This drug relaxes the muscles and slows down the breath of your dog.  It is administered by shots and is known as an antihistamine. It is one of the most popular human medications used for euthanasia.

Sleeping Pills
Either of the above options can be known as sleeping pill. Sleeping pills for dogs are the easiest and most comfortable way when wanting to euthanize your dog at home.

How to Euthanize a Dog at Home

Ultimately, euthanasia is known as mercy killing and is used when ending a life by minimizing and removing any form of pain or distress. It’s one of the toughest decisions to make as a pet owner, but in some scenario it’s the most merciful way to let your pet go.

You can always take your pet to the vet for euthanasia, but it can get expensive which is why some want to know how to euthanize a dog at home. You can use the medication mentioned above which is the most common way and you can administer Pentobarbital Sodium which is approved by the Human Society of America.  

Most importantly contact your vet, or ask for your vet to come by if it makes sense for the support and help. It’s always a great idea to have yourself prepared and to follow-through with your plan with a well arranged procedure.

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