Best Tips for Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorating

Best Tips for Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorating

Make sure you're taking the right precautions to protect your pet this holiday season! Learn about some quick tips from expert interior designers such as Heather Higgins, ASID, CID. 

Here are ways you can transform your home into one that suits being festive while also being dog-friendly.

Mistletoe and Holly

Did you know that live mistletoe and holy are highly poisonous if ingested? Make sure you avoid or prevent your pets from ingesting these plants. Typically, silk plants are a better choice when looking for plants for the holidays. 

Candles and Fires

Make sure you're considering where you're setting those candles! Candles add a warm and festive touch to your home, but you may want to avoid areas where a happy dogs wagging tail can knock the candle over, starting a fire. You can switch to flameless batter-y operated candles, or just keep in mind to set your candles in an unreachable spot for your pets.

Stable Tree

For some,  having a decorated Christmas tree is the festive centerpiece in the home for the holidays. If you're planning on having a Christmas tree you'll need to make sure it's stable, and won't fall over. Also, make sure you don't set your Christmas tree near your dogs favorite window-watching space. 

Dangerous Ornaments

It's absolutely necessary to make sure your ornaments are stable and stuck to your tree. If you're using glass ornaments you'll want to prevent them from falling on your dog, or breaking into little pieces of glass. This can get stuck in your pets paws. Another ornament to watch out for is decorations that look like food like popcorn, candy, or nuts. Dogs may want to chew these, and they're considered choking hazards for dogs.

Stocking Hangers

Stocking usually sit on heavy metal holder. If your pet can reach the stocking and tugs hard enough, the holder may fall and injure them. Make sure to set them higher enough where your dog can't tug on stocking, or consider hanging them to doorknobs, or placing them under the tree in the morning of Christmas. 

Dinner Time

Be cautious of the longer tablecloths or runners, this can accidentally get tugged and pulled causing fragile, and warm foods to fall down. Also, make sure you're not feeding your pets dinner from the table. Although they would enjoy it, and keep begging for human food, we shouldn't cave in!

These are the simple steps that should be considered when aiming for a dog-friendly home during the holiday season. Most won't take  much time, but it's always fun to be safe for our loved pets during the holiday festivities. These tips will help you and your guests relax and enjoy the festivities without anticipating any pet-related drama!

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