How Much CBD Oil for Dogs

How Much CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats: Serving Size vs CBD Dosing Chart

In the CBD Oil world, it is wrong to refer to “Dosage” for the amount of CBD that should be ingested. The correct term that should be used is the “Serving Size”. CBD Oil is not medicine it is a natural supplement that is used to help cats and dogs to get relief from pain and inflammatory issues. The main reason behind this is that it’s unethical to consult someone on the proper dosage since the FDA has not approved CBD as a drug or medicine for pets or humans.

This shouldn’t scare you away from using CBD Oil for your cat or dog. CBD is an amazing natural supplement that can help bring relief to your cat or dog when they’re dealing with stress, frustration or pain.

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Paws Elite follows the same regulations used for Human CBD Oil supplements in order to maintain the quality of Paws Elite’s CBD Oil and to avoid breaking the FDA rules.

CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage Chart: 
Serving Size VS CBD Dosing Chart

On our product page you’ll see more information on the serving size and it can differ from product to product. Serving size is similar to a CBD Dosing Chart, but in fact it’s a lot easier to understand and it’s not as complicated.

CBD Oil Serving Size for Cat and Dog

Our recommended serving is one serving twice daily ( 1 ml /10 mg ). This can be giving orally or added to your pet’s favorite food or treats. Should you put CBD Oil in your dog’s food? It won’t hurt! A CBD Dosing chart will guide you to using mg, drops, and etc.. we like to keep it by the rule as if you’re using any other supplement and recommend a serving size.

Paws Elite’s CBD Oil is bottle in medical grade boston round tinctures. The tinctures are as accurate as can be and don’t require any guessing of how many drops you’ll need to give your cat or dog. Just follow the below servings size. Again this is not

How much CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats when using Paws Elite CBD Oil

Paws Elite's Organic CBD Oil - 450mg
30 Servings Per Container
1 ml daily (15 mg)
Additional dosages can be administered as needed. See below.
Serving Size: 1 ml (Approx. 35 - 40 drops)
Concentration: 0.1 ml = 1.5 mg

Paws Elite's Organic CBD Oil - 900 mg
60 Servings Per Container
.5 ml daily (15 mg)
Additional dosages can be administered as needed. See below.
Serving Size: .5 ml (Approx. 17 - 20 drops)
Concentration: 0.1 ml = 3.0 mg

CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage Chart

Nice try! We won’t be able to provide you a CBD oil for dogs dosing chart because it is again the FDA Regulation for selling Human Grade CBD Oil. Since we treat out pet products the same way we would treat our human products we need to abide by these rules for a CBD oil for dogs Dosing Chart. However, we can give you an idea how a dosing chart would work and why it makes it harder to properly give your cat or dog CBD Oil.

You’ll notice that on a CBD Dosing Chart you’ll see pet weight, minimum dose, average dose and strong dose. Each dose is separated by your cat or dogs weight. This can get confusing and just as messy when trying to count the drops you’ll need for the recommend dose on the chart. This is why Paws Elite had made things simple by following FDA Regulation on CBD Oil.

Instead of counting drops, you can use our CBD Oil Tincture for Pets to easily give your cat or dog to correct dosage by using the proper serving size.


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