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Why Choose Us?

We built the Paws Elite family to help save pet's lives. For years we focused on finding natural remedies for pets instead of using medication that could potentially have harmful side effects. We believed in providing our own pet's as well as our customers pet's a guide to a healthy animal life style. Unfortunately, we can't always prevent a visit to the vet's office, but we can help promote an enjoyable and long-lasting life for our pets. 

We have devoted our time and efforts and stepped out of the clinic to help educate and give the pet care community high quality and all organic CBD Oil. When we were operating our clinic we always got asked about how CBD oil can help. At the time we were truly clueless, but once we started to learn about the positive effects of CBD oil we helped our precious Teddy with real results. This then translated to our community and followers which is how we ended up where we are today a trusted CBD oil provider for pets.