Healthy Pets, Happy Owners: The Paws Elite Way

Meet Cupcake, our beloved family dog. For years, Cupcake suffered from debilitating joint pain and anxiety, making it difficult for him to enjoy his daily walks and even basic tasks like getting up and down from his bed. We tried everything to help him, from prescription medications to expensive supplements, but nothing seemed to work. That's when we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a CBD formula that we thought could help relieve his symptoms.

To our delight, after just a few days of giving Cupcake our homemade CBD oil, we noticed a significant improvement in his mobility and overall demeanor. He was happier, more relaxed, and seemed to be enjoying life again. Seeing the positive impact that our formula had on Cupcake's life, we realized that we could help other pet owners in similar situations.

That's when we created Paws Elite, a brand dedicated to helping pets live their best lives. We used our experience and knowledge to develop a range of high-quality CBD products for pets that promote healthy hips, joints, skin, and keep pets calm and relaxed. Our goal was to help pet owners like us increase the quality of life for their furry family members and create a happier home for everyone.

Since launching Paws Elite, we've received countless success stories from happy customers who have seen the positive impact of our products on their pets. It's incredibly rewarding to know that we're making a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. At Paws Elite, we believe that every pet deserves to live their best life, and we're committed to helping make that a reality.

The Purpose


Some might wonder why we decided to create our own CBD formula instead of using existing products. The truth is, we found that many existing products on the market were lacking in purity and quality. We encountered companies with terrible customer service, products that were difficult to find, and misleading pricing that made it difficult to trust the effectiveness of the product.

We knew that we could do better, and so we took matters into our own hands. We carefully researched the best sources of high-quality CBD and other natural ingredients, and developed a formula that we knew would be effective for Cupcake and other pets like him. By creating our own formula, we were able to ensure that we were using only the purest and highest-quality ingredients, with no harmful additives or fillers.

Not only were we able to create a superior product, but we were also able to offer it at a more affordable price point than many of the existing products on the market. And, perhaps most importantly, we were able to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they're giving their pets the very best.

At Paws Elite, we believe that every pet deserves the best possible care, and that's why we're committed to providing the highest-quality CBD products for pets on the market.

Our Values


Paws Elite started with Cupcake, our Purebred Yorkie. We were desperately searching for solutions outside of veterinarian prescribed drugs due to their side effects and ineffectiveness. Our passion is to help create a world in which safe, reliable, and effective CBD solutions are readily available for pets that need it.


Paws Elite believes that every pet can experience a better quality of life, and we approach every pet owner with hope and optimism. When you work with Paws Elite, you will truly experience all that this plant has to offer. We will help with all efforts to make a difference in your pet’s life.

Education & Empowerment

Paws Elite’s mission is to help improve the quality of life for both pet’s and pet owners. We offer complimentary consultations, because we truly believe that education and empowerment must go hand-in-hand with excellent treatment. When you’re out of options and no one understands what you’re going through, we do.


We curate customized CBD products you can trust, ensuring high-quality ingredients and consistency in everything we do. We are always transparent about our products, from where they’re grown to how they’re packaged. There are no products like ours available with this degree of efficacy.


We specifically work with our laboratory to develop the best pet product the CBD industry has seen thus far. We aim to use cutting edge technology, and continuous improvement. Our passion started from the intersection of food and Pharma research combined with the growing number of pet owners using Cannabidiol (CBD). 

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