Can Dogs Eat Raw CHicken? Find out if raw chicken is okay for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Raw chicken is typically filled with bacteria that can make you really sick. We’re taught to make sure we keep and deal with chicken in a very safe manner. This is why one might be asking “Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?”

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Is Raw Chicken Good For Dogs?

For the most part, veterinarians have stated that dogs can eat raw chicken and can have raw chicken bones. As long as you’re taking the necessary steps to make sure the chicken is being taken care of properly and not expired. Although you’ve been told that dogs should never eat chicken bones that warning is mainly about cooked chicken bones. When raw, the chicken bones are soft and flexible, when cooked it is brittle and sharp.

Raw chicken bones are actually very dense in nutrients essential for dogs, as well as doing the job of cleaning their teeth and gums as they chew on them.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Safely?

As long as you know the chicken is not expired and was thawed properly you can feed your dog any raw chicken part. You can feed your dog Raw chicken organs, and chicken feet. These parts of the chicken are very nutritious and it’s actually recommended that at least five percent of a raw diet should consist of the organs.

Taking the Necessary Precautions with Raw Chicken

Below we’ll highlight some of the steps you should take when treating raw chicken for your dog. Dogs are not immune to bacterial infections, and salmonella can be found in most chicken. The below steps will help mitigate the chances of your dog having a bacterial infections.

  • Don’t let frozen meat thaw on the counter. Thaw it in the fridge.
  • Rinse raw chicken thoroughly under cold water.
  • Don’t let unfinished chicken sit in their bowl.

Don’t re-refrigerate meat that’s become room temperature because this is the perfect temperature to grow bacteria.

Feeding your dog chicken bones

When feeding your dog raw chicken bones you’ll have to follow the below precautions:

  • Ensure it is raw chicken bones and it is not cooked.
  • Bones should be big enough that they can’t be swallowed whole
  • Feed dog raw chicken bones in moderation.

Although raw chicken bones is good for your dog too much of it can cause constipation. You’ll need to ask your veterinarian about how much should feed your dog. Typically, one or two raw chicken bones a week is fine.

Dog Raw Diets are Becoming Popular

More recently raw diets for dogs are being very popular. While ask can dogs eat raw chicken, it’s safe to keep in mind that raw diets can be exceptionally healthy for dogs. However, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Raw diet advocates say that a commercial diet can’t possibly compare to a raw one, but dog food companies have put years of research and money into their products to ensure dogs are getting a well-rounded food.

Always speak to your veterinarian to learn more about raw diets for your dog. They may be able to help you build a proper nutritional plan for your dog.

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