Can Dogs or Cats Get Coronavirus? COVID-19 in Dogs

Can Dogs or Cats Get Coronavirus? COVID-19 in Dogs

The novel coronavirus has now been called a global pandemic. The panic of people are growing and the virus is spreading quickly. People are now worrying about the health of their dogs and other pets while the coronavirus spreads.

Many pet owners specifically dog owners are starting to look into dogs wearing face masks in fear of the coronavirus, but the real research should be about “Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?” or “Can Cats Get Coronavirus?”.

Can Cat or Dogs Contract Coronavirus?

In fact dogs can contract certain types of coronavirus which is known as canine respiratory coronavirus. This is a different virus from the novel coronavirus that’s also known as COVID-19.

COVID-19 is believes to not be a treat to dogs or cats. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported no cases of coronavirus in dogs or cats.

Can Cats or Dogs Spread Coronavirus?

The pet dog of a coronavirus patient in Hong Kong was found to have very low levels of the virus after being repeatedly tested, but as of now there is no threat that pets can spread the infection.

Since no cats or dogs have been reported to have COVID-19 then the passing from licking, sneezing, or coughing is unlikely. However, if your pets have been exposed or touched by someone who may be sick, then the coronavirus can be carried on them.

This means, make sure to always wash your hands and stay safe especially if you have kids that are playing with your pets.

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Coronavirus in Dogs and Cats Prevention

Since a lot of confusion is happening around the coronavirus it’s important to not forget about our pets. Make sure if you’ve exposed, or have COVID-19 you’re in self-quarantine and to stay indoors. Do not violate this policy as it can have legal consequences.

With that being said, no need to walk your dog while you’re feeling sick. Make sure to practice proper hygiene for yourself and your pets.

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