Your Trusted Guide to Buying Dog CBD on Amazon

Your Trusted Guide to Buying Dog CBD on Amazon

CBD for dogs on Amazon are not the same as the CBD oil products you can buy from web stores or your local shop. If you search for CBD for dogs on Amazon you’ll notice that most products are listed as hemp seed oils.

Hemp Extract and Does it Contain CBD?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of cannabis sativa, but dog CBD is made from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the cannabis plan. So, if you try to buy CBD for dogs on Amazon you’ll be finding products that are derived from the seeds rather than the plant itself. This a HUGE deal because the benefits that dog CBD has won’t be found by the dog CBD on Amazon since they’re mainly hempseed products.

You also won't find CBD Treats for Dogs on Amazon! Try our premium wellness treats for your dog.

Can you Buy CBD For Dogs on Amazon?

It is against Amazon’s policy to sell CBD for dogs which means that sellers are not allowed to advertise, or sell dog CBD products.

Many sellers are renaming the CBD oil to Hemp Extract since there are no restrictions for selling Hemp products. Also, this allows you to disguise your product from the government and since regulations don’t exist for what’s actually in the bottle anyone can try to sell anything and label it as CBD. You need to REALLY be careful.

CBD For Dogs Amazon


Does Amazon Sell Dog CBD?

The answer is NO!

Amazon does not technically sell any CBD products. If you try to sell a product that includes CBD in the name or description they will immediately take it down.  Even if you decide to give CBD Amazon a shot you won’t see the results you should expect.

Paws Elite’s Pet CBD Oil


Can you Buy CBD for Dogs Amazon, Cats or Pets on Amazon?

CBD oil for dogs has a lot less regulations than CBD oil for humans. If you try to buy CBD oil for dogs on amazon or CBD oil for cats on Amazon you’ll again find yourself looking at Hemp Oil products.

Here is Amazon’s policy on CBD and Drug sales

The only way to get around this is labeling CBD products as Hemp Extract.

Dog CBD Amazon Concerns & Reviews

The issue with trying to find the best CBD Amazon reviews is that Hemp Extract is technically not CBD. It’s possible that it may contain CBD, but it’s not a true CBD oil product. What that means is that if you are strictly looking for CBD products than CBD amazon reviews won’t help you.

CBD extract is much more concentrated and targeted for health benefits. Hemp extracts have less concentration and are a marketing tool to start selling “CBD” type products on Amazon.

You need to make sure when shopping for CBD oil for your pets that you focus on well-known brands with a reputable name.

Paws Elite offers the best selling CBD oil for dog products that is extracted from hemp plants using CO2 extraction. This ensures that our product is the highest quality with no impurities and toxins. The CBD oil for dogs that Paws Elites manufactures has 0% THC.

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