Dog Grass Allergy Home Remedies CBD Oil

Dog Grass Allergy: Alleviate With CBD Oil

When you spot dog grass allergies, it’s important to bring relief, or the symptoms can get worse. If you believe your dog has a grass allergy, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll quickly identify how CBD Oil helps, along with dog grass allergy symptoms, causes, and other home treatments. Your Vet will be able to diagnose your dog and help with a treatment plan, but we want to discuss home remedies that may help you manage your friend's discomfort.

CBD Oil for Dog Grass Allergy

CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory compounds that can help sooth your dogs allergic reactions to grass. It can help take down inflammation which will reduce redness. It can be ingested or applied to the skin as a topical treatment. CBD Oil will be an effective natural treatment to help ease the allergic reactions your dog is having while also making your dog calm and relaxed.

The secret is that Cannabinoids produced in the dog’s body have an anti-inflammatory effect. Endocannabinoids seem to play an important role in regulating inflammation processes.

CBD Oil is safer for dogs and provides non-toxic and non-psychoactive treatment. CBD has been shown to have benefits aside from helping with skin allergies in dogs. 

Dog Grass Allergy Symptoms

Causes of Dog Grass Allergy

Grass allergies in dogs can be caused by pollen in the air. The pollen gets spread around by plant to plan by birds, wind and insects. It’s very likely that your dog can be exposed to this allergic pollen:

  • Skin Absorption
  • Inhaled
  • From Clothes
  • Licking Fur with Pollen


Dog Grass Allergy Home Remedies

Below are a few natural remedies that could help ease the symptoms and causes of dog grass allergy:

  • Omega-3 – Helps reduce inflammation
  • Colloidal Oatmeal – Used as a topical treatment for spots and patches on skin
  • Floral Oils – Essentials oils like Lavender, Tea Tree and Calendula Flower. Also used as topical treatment
  • Aloe Vera – Refreshing and cool feeling for red areas of the skin

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