Find out why your dog licking floors might be caused by medical issues or obsessive behavior.

Why is My Dog Licking the Floor?

Don’t be alarmed! It’s okay if you find your dog licking floor. Especially if you find your dog keeps licking the floor around your kitchen, or dining area. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like nibbling or finding little treats around the house? However, it is possible that excessive licking of the floor can become and obsessive behavior in your dog. This type of obsession usually stems from illness or stress, but don’t be worried if this is only happening around food.

Find out why your dog licking floors might be caused by medical issues or obsessive behavior.

Medical Issues Causing Dog to Lick Floor

It’s known that underlying illnesses or discomfort in dogs can cause them to lick the floors. This excessive and compulsive behavior can be caused from a diet deficiency, upset stomach, nausea, or Cushing’s disease.  Another known cause of your dog licking the floor is thyroid issues. Taking your dog to the vet will help rule out illness as the cause of your dog licking the floor.

Obsessive Dog Behavior: Dog Licking Floors

Dogs are very daring animals and love to learn new behaviors that seem obsessive. Sometimes the behavior is intentional because they’re looking for your attention. As a dog owner you should make sure that your dog doesn’t learn to get your attention when they start licking the floor. In order to find out if this is an obsessive behavior you’ll need to play close attention to your dog licking when you’re not around. To do this it’s recommended to spy on your dog by using cameras or watching them when they least expect you. If your dog is licking the floors when you’re not around then you’ll know it’s an obsession. 

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Exercise and Activity for Dog Licking Floors

When dogs become bored or get used to the same things they tend to have anxiety. This anxiety can cause your dog’s behavior to changes and one of these behaviors is your dog licking the floor. If you take your dog out for a walk and to get some exercise it might give them a change of heart. When dogs get tired, or have activities it helps them calm down. This calmness can help prevent your dog from licking the floors.  

CBD Oil for Dog Licking Floor

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