Dog Muscle Spasms

8 Reasons Why Dog Muscle Spasms

The dog muscle spasms can happen at any time and may be painful for your dog. When your dog muscle spasms the affected muscle will cause shooting pain in and around the area. Muscle spasms in dogs can last seconds up to hours.

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In some cases dog muscle spasms are caused by various reasons such as misfiring in the nervous system specifically in the brain. In this article we identify the top 8 reasons why your dog muscle spasms are happening.

Dog Muscle Spasms Signs

Unfortunately, there is no single reason for the cause of dog muscle spasms. If your dog is experiencing muscle spasms it may have its own set of symptoms and reasons.

Here is a few ways you can tell if your dog muscles spasms:

  • Twitching under the skin near muscle
  • Area will feel tough and hard
  • Muscle may be bunched in a lump
  • Inability to walk

Dog Muscle Spasms: 8 Reasons Why

Here are some tips to help identify why your dog muscle spasms are happening. These 8 reasons could be the possible cause for your dogs pain. If you’ve noticed your dog is uncomfortable during this period of time then you may want to try CBD oil. CBD oil is a supplement that can help increase the quality of life for your pets while experiencing muscle spasms.

  1. REM Cycle Spasms
  2. Injury
  3. Hypoglycemia
  4. Overexertion
  5. Toxicity
  6. Distemper
  7. Dystonia
  8. Canine Stress Syndrome (CSS)

Prevent Dog Muscle Spasms

It’s possible to prevent your dog from experiencing muscle spasms. In order to prevent dog muscle spasms you’ll want to follow these tips!

  • Keep Dog Hydrated
  • Chaperone Playtime With Other Dogs
  • Know The Signs:
    • Anxiousness, Staggering, Disorientation, Excessive Licking

CBD Oil for Dog Muscle Spasms?

Typically, your vet will prescribe your muscle relaxers for your dog. If this is the case, you can use CBD oil has a supplement since it is known to make your dog feel calmness and less anxious. CBD oil can also help your dogs nervous system when dealing with dog muscle spasms.

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