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Dog on Lasix Still Coughing?

Lasix is one of the popular ways of managing Congestive Heart Failure Dogs, but it doesn’t always provide the same results. It will be a temporary relief, but Lasix is known to have a few side effects. For example, Lasix is known to make your dog urinate uncontrollably. This is in result of flushing out excess fluid.

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If your dog has a heart murmur and a cough it may mean they have congestive heart failure. Find out how to diagnose a dog heart murmur.

Lasix Not Known to Make Cough Disappear

Lasix is a diuretic and it won’t help the cough disappear, but it will help lessen the amount of times your dog would have coughed if not on Lasix. Although it may act a suppressant for the cough it will not help you completely get away from the cough. Congestive Heart Failure with Dogs is a condition that needs to be managed and it’s not curable. It’s something that both you and your dog will have to deal with. With that being said, Lasix is medication that increases the quality of your dogs life, but may not increase the quality of your life because you’ll still hear the cough and see the symptoms of congestive heart failure with your dog.

Congestive Heart Failure and Lasix

When your dogs heart function worsens the fluid retained within the heart and the vasculature increases. This is caused because of activation and up regulation of neurophormonoal systems. This is when you know you’re dealing with a congestive heart failure dog. When the fluid begins to increase and is not being flushed properly your dog will have an abrupt cough.  At this point your Vet will prescribe you with Lasix to help suppress the cough and your dog on Lasix will still be coughing.

Congestive Heart Failure Treatment Options and Alternatives

Unfortunately treatment options and alternatives for Lasix don’t exist. The only options you have is to decide how you’d like to manage the condition. You’ll have all the support you need and resource, but you need to choice the quality of life you want and your dog needs.

CBD Oil Alternative for Lasix

Our customers have provided feedback that Paws Elite's CBD oil has helped manage coughing with their pets. It's not a complete alternative to Lasix, but it will help increase the quality of life, and manage the coughing by being a healthy supplement Shop here.


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