Learn more about dog pacing at night. This guide will talk about health concerns and reasons your dog pacing at night.

Why is My Dog Pacing at Night?

Have you noticed your dog pacing at night more frequently than before? Although your dog pacing at night may be due to restlessness it is always important to examine their behavior further because it may be caused by health concerns such as stress, old age, or an injury.


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Often when dogs are restless it is only temporary and can be resolved. Restlessness can also be caused by:

  • Excess energy
  • Environmental changes

Both reasons are manageable by adding more opportunities for your dog to exercise and allowing your dog to adapt to environmental changes.

Reasons Your Dog Pacing at Night

Below are some reasons you’ll find other than the ones mentioned above that can explain your dog pacing at night:

  • Restlessness
  • Need for restroom
  • Hungry
  • Stress
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Canine dementia
  • Pain

restless dog pacing at night. Read more about dog pacing at night

Pacing doesn’t necessarily have to cause a concern, but it is important to monitor your dog’s behavior. If you notice whimpering, limping, or excessive anxiety then you there might be concern behind your dog pacing at nights.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Pacing at Night?

The best approach would be to visit your vet for a full examination. This will help rule out any harmful underlying issues. You don’t want to ignore the fact that a medical condition could be the culprit of your dog pacing at night.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done to help your dog’s restlessness during the night.

  • Create a schedule
  • Make them Comfortable
  • Plenty of exercise
  • Keep a night light
  • CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs can help comfort and increase the quality of life for your dog. If you’ve noticed your dog pacing at night and have incorporated changes to help, then including CBD oil in the routine will boost your progress by calming your dog down even more create the right temperament for relaxing.

How To Help a Restless Dog Pacing at Night

CBD oil has been known to help dogs get rest. The effect of CBD allows for your dog to calm down and relax. This relaxing and calming effect can help maintain your dog pacing at night. Many clients have mentioned that they’ve been able to reduce dog pacing at night by giving their dog CBD oil before bedtime.

Dog pacing at night concerns. Symptoms and causes of dog pacing at night. Learn about this guide can help dog pacing at night.

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