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Dog Vulvar Dermatitis Home Remedies

Dog Vulvar Dermatitis Home Remedies

Dog Vulvar Dermatitis Home Remedies

Female dogs tend to face different health issues such as dog vulvar dermatitis. This illness is the same as dog vaginitis and is a common condition among female dogs. Dog vulvar dermatitis is noticed by inflammation or infection in their vagina. It’s possible that it can co-exist with different underlying health issues.

Dog vulvar dermatitis is nothing to be worried about. In this article we will talk about the causes and dog vulvar dermatitis home remedies.


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Dog Vulvar Dermatitis Home Remedies

Dog vulvar dermatitis is when you notice an infection of the skin folds around the vulva due to excess urine and secretions. Your dog will experience yeast and bacteria build up in the rear-end.

If you’ve noticed this then observe for a couple days and make sure to check with your vet.

Fortunately, we’ve got some dog vulvar home remedies that you can try at home

Thorough Bath

The main cause for vulvar dermatitis is bacteria build up. The best way to avoid dog vaginitis is give your dog a thorough and good bath. It’s highly recommended to use the ingredient benzoyl peroxide when treating vulvar dermatitis at home with a bath.

Apple Cider Vinegar

After your dog’s batch you can make sure you’ve killed any remaining bacteria by using apple cider vinegar. You’ll want to mix the apple cider vinegar with water and apply it by spraying the affected areas.

Keep The Area Clean and Dry

When in dark environments yeast and bacteria grow the most. When using dog vulvar dermatitis home remedies you’ll want to make sure you keep the living area for the bacteria clean as much as you can. Keeping your home and the living area for your dog clean is ideal in preventing dog vulvar dermatitis.

Unscented Wipes

If you’ve noticed your puppy discharge and has vaginitis, then you can use unscented baby wipes to clean the area. When dealing with dog vulvar home remedies for adult dogs then you’ll have a different approach. Adult dogs will need to see a vet for treatment because wiping the area in an adult dog can disrupt the pH level.

CBD Oil for Dog Vulvar Dermatitis

CBD oil can help keep your dog calm during this time of distress. CBD oil is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help comfort your dog during this time.

Other Dog Vulvar Dermatitis Home Remedies

Here are some additional natural dog vulvar dermatitis home remedies:

  • Treat the affected area with Coconut Oil
  • Change your dog’s diet
  • Add probiotics to your dogs meal
  • Topical solutions
  • Antibiotics
  • Spraying

Severity of Dog Vulvar Dermatitis

Fortunately, dog vaginitis is a common health concern in female dogs.  It’s not severe to the point to worry because you can treat it with dog vulvar dermatitis home remedies. If you’ve noticed your dog vaginal area to have inflammation, then you can start with these dog vulvar home remedies.

If the condition is becoming worse you’ll want to make sure you’ve reach out to your vet for further treatment.

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