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Human Medicine for Dogs Can be Safe or Toxic - Find Alternatives

Human Medicine for Dogs Can be Safe or Toxic - Find Alternatives

Human Medicine for Dogs Can be Safe or Toxic - Find Alternatives

You’re immediately putting yourself at risk when taking medication that was prescribed to someone else. In some scenarios this happens with dog owners. Human medication that is prescription based is dangerous to share with your dog or friend. Even over the counter medication for humans can help our pets, but is not considered safe.

The dosage and the effects that these medicines have can differentiate from one person to another or from human to dog.

Xanax for Dogs and Sleeping Pills for Dogs can cause a lot of harm instead of good. Human medicine for dogs is not a good idea.

Is it Safe to Give Human Medicine to Pets?

Every pet owner wants to make sure they’re treating them with all the care in the world, but that doesn’t mean that we should be giving our pet’s human medicine. 

It’s known that human medicine for dogs exists and that pets can ingest human medicine, but we also know that if we are not careful enough then it can be toxic for our dogs and potentially life threatening.

Although some human drugs can be given to pets you should always get dose information from your veterinarian. Keep your pets safe by finding out the correct dosage instead of estimating because human medicine can be used with dogs, but are not meant for dogs.

10 Human Medications That Can Be Poisonous for Dogs

According to the Animal Poison Control Center they receive the most complaints about this list of human medicine that dogs took. 

Known as medication that helps with inflammation in humans and can also help dogs, but it’s known to cause stomach ulcers and kidney failure.

Tramadol is a powerful pain killer that Vets prescribe when your dog is recovering from surgery or is dealing with aging bones and joints. Although it is supposed to help relieve pain, Tramadol has terrible side effects and risks.

Also known as Xanax and is prescribed for anxiety and as a sleeping aid. Xanax for dogs is a controlled substance and needs to always be measured by your vet. It’s not recommended to even give Xanax to your dog unless you know the cause of the anxiety.

This medication can cause a lot of side effects for dogs and was never intended for dogs to ingest. It will cause your pets to have an elevated heart rate and body temperature and can trigger seizures.

Used as a sleeping aid for humans, but if ingested by cats or dogs it make them sleepy and fatigue. This medication can cause severe side-effects and can be life-threatening for your pets if too much is ingested.

Usually, it is prescribed for anti-anxiety in humans, but can act as a sleeping aid as well. Klonopin can lower the blood pressure in dogs and can potentially cause overdose if too much is ingested. Klonopin is not for dogs.

If you’re looking for a sleeping aid then you can use melatonin for dogs to aid sleep. Recently, there is some evidence that Melatonin can help dogs with sleep.

Hydrocodone for dogs is not recommended, but can be prescribed in small dosages. Pet owners should be careful when using Hydrocodone for dogs or cats. It is pain relief medication for pets. It can cause liver damage and can affect your pets red blood cells.

Known as an over-the-counter pain reliever for humans, but can be used by dogs and cats. It’s recommended to speak with a vet to understand the dosing because Naproxen can cause ulcres and kidney failure in pets.

Prescribed to humans to treat depression and anxiety and should not be ingested by dogs. Duloxetine can cause agitation, tremors and seizures to cats and dogs.

The APCC has reported that cats typically overdose on this medication because of the capsules. Venlafaxine is an antidepressant.

The medications above were developed in time to help humans with specific conditions, but that doesn’t mean it will do the same for our pets. There is a lot more human medication that’s bad for dogs that are not mentioned on this list, but it goes to show that human medication is not for dogs and can be toxic.

Alternative Medicine for Dogs 

Most dog owners want to prevent any possibility of harm to their pets. If you’re a dog owners that’s looking for more of a holistic approach then you’ll want to lean towards natural supplements to help treat your dogs pain, anxiety, and insomnia with CBD Oil.

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