Here is Why You Should Buy Nano CBD Oil for Your Pets

Here is Why You Should Buy Nano CBD Oil for Your Pets

Nano-amplified CBD, Nano-Technology-Enhanced Diols, and Nano-particle Cannabinoids are an actual thing! They’re completely science based and have a bunch of research supporting the benefits of Nano CBD Oil for your pets.

Nano CBD uses a process called Nano-emulsification which makes the CBD water-soluble and extremely bio-available.

Nano CBD oil uses Nano Technology


Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil

Nano CBD oil is highly technologically advanced and enhances the digestion of CBD oil for your pets. Nanotechnology is used by labs that work with extremely small CBD. Scientifically the size of the CBD would be about 0.0000001 meters, which is about 100 nanometers.  Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil utilizes a unique liposomal delivery system, which dramatically improves the bioavailability of the oil.

Your typical CBD oil tincture for pets will contain less concentrated CBD and more carrier oil such as (MCT Oil, Olive Oil, etc..) this would depend on which brand you’re using. Drops from the tincture will have a smaller ratio of CBD to carrier oil when not using Nano CBD Oil.

How is Nano CBD digested quicker?

Because your pet’s mouth and digestive tracts are watery, it takes longer to digest your typical CBD product because of the carrier oil to CBD ratio. Typically, oil and water don’t mix well so when you’re digesting a CBD product it takes longer to break through the oils and get to the CBD. However, when using Nano Enhanced Hemp oil for pets you’re digesting emulsified CBD oil. This means that Nano CBD will be easily digestible and accessible for your pets body.

Paws Elite’s manufactured Nano CBD oil increases the amount of CBD that ends up in your pets bloodstream, which means your pets will get the correct dosing and serving size each time.

Benefits of Nano CBD

Ultimately your pet’s body will have a easier time digesting CBD oil since it’s broken down into tiny drops. Since nano CBD is tiny CBD drops it allows for the CBD to over more surface with your pets enzymes and absorptive tissues. This goal of nano cbd oil for pets or nano enhanced hemp oil is so that your pets body can absorb the CBD molecules sooner.

Risks of Nano CBD

Nano CBD oil doesn’t contain many risks. However, one of the biggest problems is that a lot fraudulent product and misinformation exists. You’ll need to make sure you’re working with a trusted resource when shopping for Nano CBD Oil for Pets. Lucky for you, you’ve found a reliable resource with Paws Elite. Ask one of our reps for more information if needed.

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