Why Experts are Saying to Schedule 2021 vet Appointments Now! Pandemic Delays

Why Experts are Saying to Schedule 2021 vet Appointments Now! Pandemic Delays

Making sure your dog is healthy is a constant pursuit. From Daily walks, to proper socialization we make sure our dogs are healthy and able to live a long fulfilling life.  

As a pet owner you do a lot to ensure your dog is health, and able to live a life of quality. Our goal is to help improve the quality of life of not only for pets, but for families. Your dog may be from a local rescue or a champion breeder, but the most important component of keeping your pet health is annual vet visits.

With the pandemic it’s been hard to get physical appointments, but it’s very crucial that your dog gets a physical exam, vaccinations, preventative prescriptions, and test for parasites such as fleas and ticks.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) has announced and made recommendations to all clinical teams and pet owners to ensure that they’re getting the proper care they need during these unusual times. Here is what they are suggest

Move Vet Appointments Up

With the lockdowns taking place, many annual veterinary visits had been cancelled or replaced by teleconferencing. This pause has created lapses in critical annual parasite testing and preventative dispensing for diseases, including heartworm and Lyme disease. Suddenly, when vet office re-opened, the rush to get appointments created longer wait times and fewer appointments.

This why you should focus on moving up your appointments and making sure you’re not affected by these pandemic conditions.

“We believe that every pet needs to be tested annually and receive parasite preventives in a timely manner”, said Dr. Chris Carpenter, President and CEO of CAPC. “Our concern is that the delayed veterinary visits in 2020 may cause difficulties in pets getting access to healthcare in 2021”.

More From CAPC

“We’re now shifting gears to prepare for the annual cycle of 2021 wellness visits,” said Cathy Michaelson, partner at Aumsville Animal Clinic and director of operations for CAPC. “By reaching out to clients to proactively schedule, we can minimize the anticipated backlog of appointments in the summer and fall. Ultimately, we want to lessen the pressure on our dedicated veterinary team while ensuring all of our patients receive timely preventive care.”

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