The Dog's Table: 4 Gourmet Meals for Your Furry Friend

Pet owners are constantly looking for the healthiest and most nutritious food options for their little canine friends. Most of the commercial pet food items available in the market these days tend to contain processed ingredients that can potentially be harmful to your dog’s health.

In such cases, you are left to wonder which Pet Food Brands to trust and which ones to stay away from. The tricky part is that while the commonly available brands are easier on the pocket, the ones approved by veterinarians are often way too expensive.

A good option to go for in such scenarios is to take charge of your dog’s health and make their meals from the ingredients and items available in your own kitchen. After all, what’s better than a delicious yet healthy home cooked meal for your doggo?

You could be wondering how to determine the quantity of protein, fiber, and nutrition to opt for in terms of home cooked recipes. Well, fret not, for we here are providing you with the recipes that will aid you develop the best gourmet meals for your dog at home.

Best Gourmet Meals to Make for Your Dog

Are you a little lost about the ingredients that will work best for your dog? Wondering what sort of meals will be the healthiest for them? Here are some wholesome ones you can look into:

Chicken and Brown Rice

You might think that dogs should be kept away from carbs, when in reality, it’s good for them to consume carbohydrates in moderation. That’s exactly what this meal provides them.

You will need four pieces of chicken thighs or two pieces of boneless chicken breasts. Gather two cups of water, one cup of brown rice, about three carrots, one sweet potato, and a bit of green beans.

Put everything inside a crockpot and cook on a high flame for about five hours. Once that gets done, divide the chicken into smaller pieces, and you will be done.


Salmon and Scrambled Egg Spinach

We are often afraid to approach our dogs with eggs, thinking that it could upset their tummy. However, the vitamins present in eggs can be beneficial to them.

For this recipe, you will require half a can of skinless salmon, half a cup of spinach that is thawed, one teaspoon of olive oil, and two pieces of eggs.

Add the salmon and spinach to a skillet, cook it all thoroughly before adding the eggs to the mix and scrambling them, and your dish will be ready soon. 

Beef Stew

Your dog is sure to wag its tail happily if you serve them something with beef in it. Being filled with vitamins and protein, this meal can be kept inside the fridge for about seven days.

You will need half a cup of flour, water, diced green beans, and diced carrots, along with a tablespoon of olive oil. Grab a sweet potato and a pound of beef stew meat.

Take about six to eight minutes to cook the sweet potato in the microwave before proceeding to make the stew pieces in a pot for a duration of 15 minutes. Get rid of the pieces of beef and keep the drippings intact.

Make the gravy by incorporating flour and water to the retained drippings, and then add the meat and veggies to it and stir for about 10 minutes.

Chicken Jerky

No dog owner will be surprised to see the name of this meal, for it’s one that dogs go happily crazy over!

The only items needed for this dish are two to four pieces of skinless and boneless chicken breasts.

Make sure to preheat your oven to a temperature of 200 degrees before starting the process. See to it that there is no fat present in the pieces of chicken breasts that you have gathered.

Cut the chicken into small strips and keep baking them for two hours till their texture gets hard and dry.



No one would like to have the same meals every single day, right? The same holds true for your puppy. When you whip up homemade meals for them, you’re aware of exactly what you’re feeding them, instead of being confused with what’s written on the label.

Explore the recipes mentioned above and gift your furry little friend the gourmet meals they deserve.

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