Why do my dogs lick each other ears? See this image of dogs licking each other ears.

5 Reasons: Why Do My Dogs Lick Each Others Ears?

Having multiple dogs at home we’ve noticed some crazy behavior! If you own more than one dog, you might have noticed, or been wondering “why do my dogs lick each others ears”? Whether you believe this or not, it’s normal! The majority of dogs that are part of a pack will lick each others ears.

Unlike humans, dog communicate with body language and licking is one form of communication between dogs.

Why do my dogs lick each other ears? See this image of dogs licking each other ears.

So….. Why do dogs lick each others ears? Here are the Top 5 Reasons

#1 – Grooming

When dogs are a part of the same pack, they’ll help groom each other. Dogs tend to groom themselves very well, but if there is an area on their body that they can’t reach then another dog in the pack will help by licking them. It’s important for dogs in a pack to keep an eye out for each other and make sure they’re healthy.

#2 – They’re Saying Hello!

Humans greet each other with a simple handshake, hug, or high five! However, it is more common for dogs to greet each other by licking one another. You’ll find that sometimes dogs will lick each others eyes and sometimes in ears. In either case this is a good sign because your dogs are just saying “Hello!” to each other.

#3 – Sign of Submission

Dogs in a pack tend to communicate with each other by submission and they’ll express this in multiple ways. The most popular way is when a dog is rolling onto their back with their paws up or near their ear. Another way dogs show submission is by your dog licking the ears of the alpha dog. It is a gentle way of letting the dominant dog know that they understand the order in the pack.

#4 – Treating a Wound or Infection

The sense of smell in dogs is extraordinary and allows for them to smell bacteria from an infection before they show any other signs or symptoms. It’s possible that your dog has sensed this and they’re trying to clean the ears as much as possible to rid the infection. Now, it’s not to say that this won’t treat an infection, but it can help it from becoming worse.

If you’ve noticed unusual behavior from your dog licking, then you may want to schedule a visit to the vet to see if an ear infection is present.

#5 - Replaces Butt Sniffing

It’s the classic tale that dog’s greet each other with an old fashioned butt sniff, but in some cases dog’s will try to avoid other dogs from sniffing their butt. In this case, the next best option for dogs to greet each other is by licking each others ears.


It Is Normal For Dogs to Lick Each Other Ears

Although it may seem gross it’s completely normal for dogs to lick each others ears. For the majority of time these top 5 reasons why dogs lick each others ears make sure that you’re keeping an eye on this behavior.

If you’ve noticed that licking each others ears has become excessive and is causing other issues like sores, and infection then it is time to see a vet.

Some conditions of excessive licking can be known as Acral Lick Granuloma


Is Dog Licking Each Others Ears Safe Behavior?

Given the reasons in this article of why dogs lick each other ears you’ll be wondering if it is safe or not. The answer varies between yes and no, but it depends on how out of the ordinary the behavior is.

In most situations, it is harmless. This is behavior has been known to be good for the health of your dog. However, if it’s become excessive and it can cause infections or irritation due to your dogs ear being continually moist.

It’s also possible that excessive licking can be a sign of a compulsive disorder. If this behavior is more than usual, then you may want to schedule a visit to the vet.




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