Why Does My Dog Not Like Being Brushed?

Why Does My Dog Not Like Being Brushed?

Many pooches love to be pampered, most of our canine companions get frightened when they see a brush. However, it’s important to understand that brushing your pup’s coat is not just to keep them in top shape, but it’s a critical responsibly for dog ownership. Stayin on top of grooming sessions with your pup helps with their overall health by allowing you to examine their coat, body, and paws for any problems. Don’t hesitate to brush your pup even if they’re wiggling around, hiding, or trying to bite you. Just focus on making the ritual much more positive for both of you.


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Why Do Dogs Not Like Being Brushed?

Dogs have an amazing memory and one of the reasons they can be afraid of being brushed is by remembering previous scary or painful experiences, specifically negative experiences that happened while they were a puppy.

Some dogs become anxious when it’s time for brushing. This could be cause because they have anxiety or they’re not used to new experiences. You can follow Paws Elite’s guide to calm your stressed dog down.

It’s also possible that your beloved pup may have had a bad grooming experience before. Their fur may have been brushed too hard or that they might have sensitive skin, and will avoid your brush to prevent potential pain.

In general, dogs are very impatient and have energy to burn which is why they may not want to be sitting still.

Ways To Brush a Dog That Hates Being Brushed

You must focus on being gentle and positive when preparing to brush. Loading up on treats is a great way to keep your calm excited and calm when brushing. Some of our customers have reported that using Paws Elite’s CBD oil for dogs has helped ease the process of brushing as well.

  1. Create a relaxing environment, you can do this by making them comfortable or using natural supplements like CBD Oil.
  2. Using treats to calm your dog down.
  3. Brushing smaller sections at a time.
  4. Being patient while you brush them
  5. Starting to brush little by little to gain the confidence and trust form your dog.

What To Do When Your Dog is Aggressive While Being Brushed?

It’s possible that your dog becomes very aggressive during this time. If this is the case you can use some of these tips to stop dog aggression.  

It may also be safe to consider visitin a vet to rule out any medical conditions causing pain during brushing sessions. Such conditions could be:

Keep in mind, you can use natural supplements like CBD Oil to help calm the above conditions.

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