CBD for Dogs

What is CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD is known as cannabidiol. It's a liquid substance that's derived from the cannabis plant. Our customers have provided positive results and feedback about Paws Elite's CBD oil for dogs.

CBD is an all-natural supplement and is made completely from its plant. There has always been misconceptions about CBD oil for dogs, but CBD oil for dogs has grown in popularity due to positive customer feedback.

CBD oil for dogs does not get your dog high and it is known to be very safe. It's not the same as weed, and is not considered marijuana. THC is one of the 80 plus cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. This is the ingredient that causes the psychoactive effect. However, the CBD oil for dogs has less than 0.3% THC and this is why your beloved pet won't get high.

Paws Elite's CBD For Dogs

We use a full spectrum CBD extract that uses refined and free flowing oils that stabilize the CBD for more consistent blending. The hemp used is grown in Oregon and is kosher certified and has no additives or preservatives. Our CBD for dogs contains less than 0.3% THC. The carrier oil used is coconut derived MCT oil. It is high quality CBD oil with little to no smell or flavor which makes Paws Elite's CBD oil for dogs easily digestible and administered.

Paw's Elite's manufacturing process is 100% natural and follows all human grade CBD oil regulations. We treat our CBD products for dogs the same as we’d treat CBD products for humans. This ensures that our CBD product for dogs has the highest quality CBD concentrate.

Here is our CBD oil for dogs dosage chart.

CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats - 450mg / 900mg

CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats - 450mg / 900mg

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