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Here's How it Works!

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Ways To Earn Paws Points

Every 10 points you earn is worth $1.00, for example, sharing our Facebook page gets you $5.00 worth of Paws Points!

Place an order
1 Paws Point for every $1 spent

200 Paws Points


Celebrate a birthday
50 Paws Points

Share on Facebook
50 Paws Points

Like on Facebook
50 Paws Points

Follow on Instagram
50 Paws Points



 Redeem Paws Points


$1.00 Off

10 Paws Points

$5.00 Off

50 Paws Points

$10.00 Off

100 Paws Points

$20.00 Off

200 Paws Points

$50.00 Off

500 Paws Points

$100.00 Off

1,000 Paws Points



 Refer a Friend

Share our store to earn great discounts for yourself and a friend!


You Get

$25.00 Off

They Get

$25.00 Off





Can guest check outs be awarded or apply Paws Points?
No, unfortunately Paws Points are awarded to customers who having an existing account or create a new account.

Can Paws Points be used with coupons?
No, Paws Points can't be combine with any offer, code, or discount

Can Paws Points be traded for cash value?

Do Paws Points expire?
Yes, after 180 days.


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