This guide helps understand Brussels Griffons breed. Learn more about Brussels Griffon by using this guide.

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed is Trainable and Friendly

Brussels Griffon is a charming toy breed that is full of personality and charm. Along with their personality and charm Brussel Griffons are one of the most intelligent pups! They are a prodigious dog breed when it comes to being competitive show dogs! Brussel Griffons will however, keep you on your feet at all times due to their fiery temperament.

Brussels Griffon Appearance

Brussels Griffon has features that are human-like! Some say it’s from their facial appearance, or even the cute little beard they have. They have characteristics such as semi erect and floppy ears. They’re considered a toy breed with an arched neck, muscular back, and a long tail. Some owners choose to crop their tails to about a third in length. They have a sturdy stance with their forelegs straight and far apart, and bent hind legs.

They stand at about 7 – 10 inches tall with the average adult weighing about 7 – 1 pounds.

Brussels Griffon Personality

Loyal, Alert, and Curious is 3 of the most popular traits in the Brussels Griffon dog breed. They tend to have exciting dual personalities by potentially being one side bossy and another side of being soft and sensitive. They’re a loving and affectionate dog breed. They love to bond with their owners and standing by their sides. They’re also very intelligent, personable, and trainable.

Brussels Griffon Exercise

Griffons will need at the minimum a half-hour of moderate exercise daily to stay healthy. They’re very social so they enjoy activities together with their owners and other dogs. Due to being highly intelligent and trainable they excel in dog events such as obedience, agility, and tracking.

Brussels Griffons are loving and caring for their owners. They're intelligent and love to be by their owners side.

Brussels Griffon Health Concerns

Griffons are typically healthy pups. If you find a responsible breeder and you’re a responsible owner, then you shouldn’t have much to worry about. You’ll find that in Brussels Griffon breed that some common issues are heart problems, eye defects such as cataracts, and or orthopedic problems like patella luxation and hip dysplasia.

Due to having a flat face you may notice light snoring or irregular breathing. Overall, Brussels Griffon is a healthy toy breed.

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More about Brussels Griffon

Griffons have a heavy appetite, but they’re picky eaters at the same time. The average life span of a Brussels Griffon is 12 – 14 years. Their AKC Breed Popularity stands at Rank 98 of 197.

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