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Dog Paws Red Between Toes Natural Remedies


At first, you may notice your dogs paws are red between toes. This can be caused by dogs itchy paws, but we’d be guessing without taking a deeper look. If you’ve noticed that your dogs paws are red between the toes and that they are constantly trying to lick them then you’ll need to intervene immediately. When we see our dogs we want to make sure we lessen the amount of discomfort and pain they’re in.  In this article we’ll go over the causes, symptoms, and remedies of Dog Paw Allergies and Itchy Paws

Cure Your Dog’s Itchy Paws With Natural Remedies

The best natural remedies for your dogs itchy paws that stemmed from dog paw allergies is too make sure your dogs paws are always clean. You can make sure of this by bathing your dog regularly or by cleaning their paws after every walk. This will help make sure that their paws stay clean and away from bacterial infections.

Making sure your dog is on a proper diet can also help relieve your dog of itchy paws. Processed goods contained nutrients, but they can also have chemicals that can cause dog paw allergies. We recommend using organic dog food or simply natural raw dog food.

Causes of Dogs Itchy Paws: Bacteria, Pollen, and Inflammation

If you’ve noticed that your dogs itchy paws have started to get worse then it may be due dog paw allergies. Dog Paw Allergies typically results from bacteria, pollen, or yeast invasion. With these causes combined you’ll notice inflammation in your dogs paws which can be irritated by itching.

You’ll need to understand what’s causing your dogs itchy paws exactly before you can begin treatment. It would be ideal to see your Vet when convenient for dog paw allergies, but if you’re still reading then here are the following causes:

Inhaled Pollens: Reaction to Dog Paw Allergies

Allergic reactions often time result in skin irritation and itching. In this case, if your dog has been around pollen and has inhaled pollen then it’s possible they’re having an allergic reaction. This can be the cause of your dogs itchy paws because the inhaled pollen can cause the paws to become inflamed which causes your dog pain.

Bacterial and Yeast Infection: A Small Scratch on The Paws can Cause a Bacterial Infection

That’s right, if your dog is on a walk and has a scratched paw then they can be prone to have a bacterial infection. This bacterial infection can cause a lot of inflammation on the paws creating pain and discomfort for your dogs. This will result for your dogs itchy paws to worsen. Yeast can also be picked up from dirty places and floors and can cause the same reaction. Even the best apartment dogs are prone to bacterial and yeast infection.

Dog Itchy Paws Symptoms: Red Spots, Red Eyes, Discharge from Eyes and Nose, and Inflammation

Sometimes dog paw allergies are spotted fairly quickly. If you see signs of inflammation on your dogs paw or notice that your dog has itchy paws then you’ll just need to observe the areas. You can also check your dogs eyes and nose to see if they’re normal.

If your dog paw allergies are kicking in then you’ll notice the below:

  • Red Spots on the Paws
  • Red Eyes
  • Discharge from Paws, Nose, or Eyes
  • Swollen or Inflamed Paws

The other most common sign of dog allergies is inflammation and an increase of body temperature.

Organic CBD Oil for Dog Itchy Paws: Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Paws Elite’s Organic CBD Oil for dogs is made of pure CBD that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. This is great because when your dog paw allergies are lingering around then you can bet that you’re also dealing with inflammation. You can apply CBD oil to your dogs paws which should help relieve irritation. Also, if your dog ingests CBD oil it will help lower inflammation throughout their body including their paws.

The secret is that Cannabinoids produced in the dog’s body have an anti-inflammatory effect. Endocannabinoids seem to play an important role in regulating inflammation processes.

CBD Oil is safer for dogs and provides non-toxic and non-psychoactive treatment. CBD has been shown to have other medical benefits aside from helping with skin allergies in dogs. It is used to reduce pain, stimulate appetite, reduce anxiety, and help fight against cancer.

Read here to find out how to give your dog CBD oil.

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