Dog Seizures When to Put Down? CBD oil and Dog Seizures

Dog Seizures When to Put Down? CBD oil and Dog Seizures

Seizures are often considered a sign of epilepsy not only in humans but also in dogs. This is mainly because its symptoms mimic those of epilepsy. So, next time you see your dog experiencing muscle spasms including twitching and thrashing, drooling, loss of bladder control, dilated pupils, foaming at the mouth, loss of consciousness or collapsing, just know that it is experiencing a seizure. 

CBD Oil for dogs has been known to be a natural supplement that can potentially lower and reduce seizures in dogs.

Take note, not all seizures have to be equated to epilepsy because there are a lot of causes of seizures; this includes brain tumors, hypoglycemia, kidney disease, liver disease, head trauma, and toxins. Nevertheless, it’s important to let the vet run some tests to determine why your dog is having seizures.

How do I decide whether to put my dog down?

Well, this should be answered on a case-by-case basis since every dog has a unique experience with seizures. Let’s say your dog has only experienced one seizure and the veterinarian feels that it is otherwise healthy, then you don’t need to consider putting it down. However, if your dog has experienced multiple seizures and your veterinarian feels its health is diminishing since it is not responding well to treatments, then, maybe you should consider taking the painful decision to put euthanize your dog.

Euthanizing an epileptic dog is a personal choice and your vet is best placed to advise you.

So, when should I put down my dog?

Many factors can come into play when considering the right decision when wondering “Dog Seizures When to Put Down”.  First, you need to consider how often the seizures occur and how long they tend to last. On average, older dogs will experience seizures more often compared to younger dogs. This is because older dogs have a higher risk for tumors, kidney and liver disease, organ failure; buildup of toxins, among other health factors that might affect the dog’s brain causing seizures.

If your dog is experiencing multiple seizures a day, then perhaps it is time to put it down. With the help of a vet, assess whether your dog is experiencing pain or discomfort following a seizure. Younger dogs are likely to continue living normal lives after experiencing a seizure. However, old dog seizures tend to have severe effects on the dog’s quality of life and may not seem like themselves afterwards.

With the help of your vet, assess whether your dog is as responsive as it once were: confusion might be a sign that your dog is suffering from brain damage. Also, assess your dog’s quality of life for instance its appetite, weight, and movement. If all these have deteriorated, then it is time to put your dog down.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures

CBD oil can help with the severity and frequency of seizures by activating your dogs endocannabinoid system. There are countless testimonials and endorsements from pet parents sharing how CBD has helped their furry friends overcome dog seizures, including cases where conventional medications haven’t helped. Regular use has shown to decrease both the frequency and severity of seizures.

Additionally, the National Institute of Health has published CBD research demonstrating strong reductions in epileptic seizures in rodents and shows CBD to be an effective therapeutic anti-convulsant.

While a one-time seizure is usually nothing to worry about, frequent seizures are a sign that you should seek veterinary care. If it’s not treated, epilepsy can cause permanent brain damage and even death.

Any pet owner will find it difficult and emotionally stressful to put down their dogs.

Well, you’re assured that the process of euthanasia will make the whole process very peaceful and painless for the dog. Usually, veterinarian gives the dog a sedative that will help it relax before injecting it with a lethal dose of barbiturates. Your pet will be asleep in not time and it will sleep peacefully without any pain.

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