What is dog sploot? This is an image of a corgi sploot. Dog sploot is when your dog lays with his hind legs beind him. This is a corgi splooting position.

What is Sploot? Find Out Why Pets Sploot

Splooting which is also known as frogging is when a dog or cat lies flat on their belly with their back legs stretched out straight behind them. This is one of the most adorable and funny quirks pets have. Splooting has become social media craze and the corgi sploot is the famous one that started this trend, but all cat sploot is a trend as well

cat sploot with dog sploot together. Corgi sploot dog laying down with cat sploot. Dog Splooting is common.

What is Sploot? Why is it Called Sploot?

Cute words and adorable quirks have been a part of cats and dogs forever. You can find an entire pet language for these funny and adorable behaviors. Sploot was a word that became slang in our daily lingo that means dog laying down, or cat laying down. Ultimately, it’s a specific position in which dogs and cats lay down on their belly. It all stemmed from a world-wide attraction to a corgi laying down with his legs behind him. This became known as Sploot. So, when you say Cat Sploot or Dog Sploot, it means that your pet is part-taking in a natural, adorable, and funny way of relaxing and laying down on their belly.

Why Do Dogs and Cats Love to Sploot?

You can’t say for sure if there is a scientific relationship for splooting, but we do see that it’s common and natural for dogs and cats to sploot. Most say it’s just a matter of personal preference for dogs and cats to sploot. It’s as simple as some pets like to sploot and some don’t.

When you see your pet Sploot it could be because:

  • They want an all-body stretch and sploot provides this.
  • Face it, when your pet is in a sploot position, they’re comfortable and relaxed
  • The sploot position helps cool your pets body temperature.


Sploot Types

Full Sploot: The one sploot recommended by most dogs and cats is when they are fully splooting on the ground with their legs behind.

The Side Sploot: When you notice one of the back legs sticks out to the side and the other tucked in you’ll be witnessing the cute side sploot.

The Half Sploot: Similar to the side sploot, but in this position your pet will fully stretch out their back leg.

Dog laying down sploot position. Corgi sploot position dog splooting and corgi sploot.

How Common is Sploot?

It’s most common to see smaller breeds of dogs and cats to sploot. Corgies and Bulldogs are a short-legged breed so you’ll notice that they’re splooting more often. Pets with longer legs have a harder time in the sploot position compared to those with short legs. With cats this will happen when they’re kittins because their joints are looser when they’re younger.

Is Sploot Considered a Symptom?

If you’ve noticed accompanying symptoms with splooting then it you may want to monitor why your pet is splooting. For the most part splooting is normal and natural and helps your pet stretch out joints and muscles.

When To See a Vet

If you notice the below symptoms accompanies with sploot:

For the most part splooting is a natural and relaxing way for dogs and cats to be comfortable. Just make sure the next time you see your dog sploot or cat sploot your camera is close by so you can snap those cute photos!

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