is my dog a picky eater or acting normal? Find out if your dog is picky at eating foods by reading this article on picky eaters dog

Is my Dog a Picky Eater or Acting Normally?

Have you noticed your dog suddenly lose interest in eating food? Or play around their bowl like they’re bored? This could mean your dog may be a picky eater, but change in appetite could also be a sign of other health problems that should be addressed. This is particular important in young puppies, senior dogs, or pets with underlying health conditions.

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Is my Dog a Picky Eater or Acting Normally?

In a perfect world some dogs eat to live, other dogs live to eat. However, some eating habits can be tied to your dog’s genetics. Some breeds are known to have heartier appetites.

You may want to pay attention to how long it takes your dog to finish eating once you feed them. This would be a good indicator of whether they’re your dog is a picky eater or behaving normally.

Usually, dogs that don’t empty their food bowl in about 15 – 30 minutes are considered to be picky eaters. Another indicator is when your dog is willing to refuse their own food, but are excited to eat human food.

If you’ve noticed a sudden change in appetite, it may be a sign to contact a veterinarian.

CBD Oil Can Help Stimulate Appetite

Cannabidiol which is also known as CBD is a natural chemical that comes from hemp plants. There have been extensive studies on CBD which shows that the CBD compound has several health benefits and one of the benefits is that it stimulates appetite in pets.

Genetics Impact on Appetite

Certain breeds like Pugs and Labradors are known for having huge appetites. Breeds like sighthounds are naturally lean, but have a fast metabolism that allows them not to gain weight.

How Environment Impacts Appetite

Sometimes it depends on how and when you’re feeding your pet. A consistent schedule on feeding your pet may eliminate the idea of your dog being a picky eater.

Here is a recommended feeding routing:

  • Set and stick to a schedule
  • Don’t leave food out for longer than 15 to 20 minutes
  • If your dog is not eating, remove the bowl

You should avoid giving your pet any more food or treats until the next scheduled feeding time.

How Diet Impacts Appetite

If you’ve been feeding your pet with a complete and balanced diet and their stool looks normal, then your dog likely doesn’t have any problems. On the other had you may have pets that have dietary restrictions or food allergies which can explain the change in appetite.

To avoid this kind of change you should plan to gradually transition your pet between foods.

Dogs Picky Eating a Signal of Underlying Health Issues?

If you’ve noticed or are experiencing significant appetite change from your dog, then you should contact your veterinarian. The general rule is giving your pet 12 – 24 hours to return to normal. Some pet owners have mentioned using Paws Elite's CBD Oil has helped their dog by being a appetite stimulant.

Some exception to this rule are dogs that meet the following conditions:

  • Young puppies (less than six months of age)
  • Pets experiencing change of appetite accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms, such as vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Dogs with a diabetes diagnosis
  • Dogs (especially senior dogs) that seem to want to eat but do not, or will only eat soft food

In any case, if you’re concerned you should contact your veterinarian.



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