Reasons and education on dog heat cycle blood color

Dog Heat Cycle Blood Color and Discharge Color


Female dogs that are not spayed are most often affected by the dog heat cycle. The dog heat cycle is also known as your dog having her period. The period also known as dog heat cycle is very comparable to a woman’s menstrual cycle in many ways. During this period of time your dog will be very uncomfortable and will experience cramping and mild pain.

Dog Heat Cycle Period

The heat cycle for your dog varies between breeds, but typically it will last from 12 to 21 days. Female dog’s will have 2 heat cycle in a year which usually takes place every 6 months. It is possible that your dog can also get pregnant during the dog heat cycle. The heat cycle for dogs is known to start as soon as they’re 5 months old.

Dog Heat Cycle Blood Color

When your dog’s heat cycle begins you’ll noticed it is bloody and thick in appearance, but it will change to a thinner more water discharge. The dog heat cycle color at this point will appear blood-tinged. This is a combination of thick liquid and blood.

For the most part dog heat cycle blood color is typically red and consists of red blood cells. You will need to pay attention to the color of the blood because as the heat cycle develops the color will become less dark and turn more pinkish.

Symptoms of Dog Heat Cycle (Period)

The number one symptom of dog heat cycle starting is when your dog starts to pay more attention to her vulva. She may begin licking and paying more attention to her vulva. Her vulva will also seem a bit more swollen than usual.

The vulva is the location near the vagina and in the early stages of the dog heat cycle it will be stiff and hard, but as the cycle develops it will soften.

During this period, you’ll also notice mood and behavioral changes as well as a stronger scented urine.

Dog Heat Cycle Blood Color Guide

Here are the several stages that the dog heat cycle consists of.


This is the first phase in the female heat cycle and will lead to the the female’s vulva becoming red, firm and swollen. There may also be some vaginal bloody discharge. The female will also start to release pheromones which are secreted to attract males. However, she will not yet be receptive to males and will not allow them to mount her.


During this stage in the cycle the female will allow males to mount her. This stage can last as long as 20  days but will usually be more shorter like 7 – 9 days. The female may even start to elevate her tail revealing her vulva to attracted males. There will still be some bloody discharge but the blood will be more pink in color.



During this phase a very strange and rare situation can happen known as a False pregnancy. This can cause your female dog to show all the indications of expecting without actually being pregnant. The Luteal stage is also known as Diestrus.


This is the stage between the end of the Luteal phase and the beginning of a new Proestrus cycle. This stage will normally last from anywhere from two to eight months.

Did you know?

If your dog starts:

  • Vomiting
  • Appears lethargic
  • has Greenish Discharge

Then she may be experiencing a potentially fatal condition known as Pyoderma.

 Using CBD Oil for Controlling Dog Heat Cycle

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help swelling and pain. It is a supplement that can help increase the quality of life for your dog. If you're noticing your dog is uncomfortable during her "heat" cycle then consider supplementing Paws Elite's CBD oil for your dog during this period.

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